Executive Counselling

I provide a supportive environment for professionals to discuss difficulties that are impacting their workplace performance.

We will work together to create a personalized plan that supports you in overcoming challenges and assists you in reaching your professional goals.

Some common challenges that I have helped clients work through are:
• Optimizing effectiveness in the workplace
• Communication problems
• Interpersonal relations; dealing with difficult colleagues
• Work/life balance
• Maximizing impact at work
• General career coaching
• Becoming a more effective boss/manager or employee
• Climbing the corporate ladder

The single activity occupying most of our waking time is work. It is the cornerstone of our lives. Work gives us the opportunity to use our skills and education to develop our talents in our chosen field while growing personally, spiritually and creatively. Sometimes however, pressures, strains, and stresses within the workplace or within ourselves, impact our professional success and ultimately our quality of life.

What’s holding you back in your profession?
As a professional or executive you have succeeded in demonstrating a high level of competence in your field. Inwardly, however you may be dealing with personal challenges that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential

This may be the time to explore the obstacles/difficulties that prevent you from reaching your personal goals.
Professionals and executives often have limited supports to assist them in addressing difficulties in a private, confidential setting. My practice operates from my discrete office in the heart of North Toronto. As a registered psychotherapist trained in relational psychotherapy, I will work with you to explore what’s holding you back. I will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what it is you want out of life.
I will identify your specific goals and address the obstacles that are standing in your way. Finally together we will build a plan to help you achieve those goals. With support, you will cultivate new coping strategies, and increase your level of happiness and satisfaction in your work and ultimately in your life.

The focus of the counselling process is to find solutions that work.