Parents and Educators

My experience as a secondary school teacher, and later as a trained psychotherapist, developed a sensitivity to the stresses that our students are experiencing. Newspapers report the tragedies of student loss and reports of the great stress we are placing on our children. I have seen this grow over the years. For a certain group of students – those high-achieving, college/university-bound, Advanced Placement students –the junior and senior years are a time of tremendous pressure and strain. Many students are taking a course load that is equivalent to that of a university level. They are working hard and there are high expectations and high demands with additional pressure to be deeply involved in extra-curricular sports or other activities. The university application process is a nightmarish part-time job filled with anxiety and pressure. This combination can be overwhelming for our students. Educators

I believe our role as educators is to equip students with the coping skills needed to deal with the stresses experienced in youth and adolescence. Making counseling and therapy accessible to all can help. As a professional psychotherapist with a background in education, I can help students deal with the difficulties they encounter before their challenges become overwhelming.

My counseling and therapy services for students are available when referred by a staff member, parent, or the student themselves. I am also available for counseling visits within the school. These can be arranged by the school on an hourly, ½ day, or full day basis.